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America is in a health crisis. Almost one quarter of every dollar is spent on health care. America is thirty-seventh on the health scale, which is not very good. One out of every three people gets cancer in America, one out of two gets an autoimmune disease, two out of three are overweight, and three out of four have a degenerative disease. All these diseases are on the rise. Do you see a problem here? I do. Our physical, mental, and even our spiritual existence is at risk. Our bodies do not get what they need to keep us well anymore. The relationship between physical, mental, and spiritual health is very direct. Daily stress adds to the problem. What can you do about it? Prioritize your life, exercise, eat healthy, and take the best quality supplements.
Prioritize your life by rejecting ?good? and seeking the ?best.? I heard someone say once: That enemy of the best is good. I believe it. There are different ways you can throw out the good and do the best. This is what I recommend.
1. Spend every morning getting to know Jesus by praying, reading God?s word, and looking for a principle for that day to apply to your life.
2. Spend quality time with your spouse and treat them as if you had just met, such as holding open the door, buying them flowers, being kind and polite, and listing to them talk, especially when they may just need to be heard.
3. Spend time with your family. You could give your children everything in life, but all they ever really want is time with you. That is how you truly show your love for them, by just giving yourself to them.
4. Last of all by making a living.
By spending quality time with your family doing things like a walk, projects, just talking, and getting to know each other. This will relieve some of your stress and can make life more meaningful.
Exercise is the breath of the body. Our bodies need exercise and sunshine. Take long walks (with the family), get that heart pumping, ride a bicycle through the park, or join a health club. Without a good healthy body, your brain will not function correctly (like when you can not think straight). Sunshine has helped many with depression and it gives your body things that it needs to keep working in a normal manner.
Eating healthy is just as important. Getting the right nutrition for your body is important, so you don?t end up sick, disabled, or as a worst case scenario, in a care center (nursing home). The best (remember the best) plan for eating healthy is the Garden of Eden way. Plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, and nuts are the best way. For the winter time you can get dried fruit. I do not believe in meat eating anymore, God allowed it but it was not His first best choice (there is that word ?best? again). Meat eating promotes more disease than you realize. The most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted, ?The China Study,? by T. Colin Campbell will startle you; get it at your local book store.
Today?s food does not contain the amount of vitamins and minerals that they formerly did, due to modern farming practices. You need to supplement your diet with the best (there is that word ?best? again) quality supplements. Not all supplements can be digested by our bodies, especially if they do not recognize them as food; they just pass right on thru undigested. The best supplements I know of are made to pharmaceutical grade and have just received their patent on their best product that is put in everything they sell. At www.totalhealthnow.myglycostore.com you can view and purchase them and also download your free ebook on the Ten Deadly Health Myths.

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